Development of the Experimental Model of Infected Pancronecrosis

M.Sh. Khakimov, B.B. Fayzullaev, Zh.R. Asatullaev, M.B. Bozorboev, M.Kh. Muhammadiev


On 12 experimental animal (dogs) in 3 series on model working out local infected pancreonecrosis with use of the allocated cultures pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, staph. aureus researches are carried out in concentration 103, 104, 105 colony forming unit/ml. As a result of the spent researches the model local infected pancreonecrosis which consists in introduction in area of a body of a pancreas in three points in diameter to 1,0 sm on 0,5 ml of a microbic suspension on concentration 104 colony forming unit/ml on depth nearby 0,5 sm. Experimental efficiency of model see has made 100 % that has been proved macro- and microscopic researches


pancreonecrosis, cultures, microbic suspension, microscopy, systemic inflammatory

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