Moringa oleifera (L.) (Moringaceae): A Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review

Pallavi B. Patil, Sandeep R. Kane, Pranali P. Lade, Sayali S. Jadhav, Mayuri B. Jadhav


Moringa oleifera, sometimes referred to as a "miracle tree" or "tree of life," has demonstrated its diversity and potential as a useful resource in numerous ways., is a member of the Moringaceae family. It is a popular crop in India and is regarded as a healthy herb. These plants have excellent medical qualities in all of their parts. The plant commonly called "horseradish plant" or "drumstick plant" contains biological activities that include anticancer, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, treating malnutrition, and being useful as a focus booster and as a wound healing venture. As a result, the objective of the current review is to provide thorough information on the traditional applications, phytochemical compounds, and pharmacological activities of the medicinal plant M. oleifera from reliable sources. The knowledge offered in this study will be helpful in future research projects aimed at creating innovative therapeutic medicines.

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