Evaluation of Formulated Insulin Bioadhesive Gel by Using Different Polymers

Sandeep R Kulkarni, Rajasekaran, S


Aim & objectives: Evaluations of any prepared dosage form is important step in confirm the prepare formulation is correct or not. Bioadhesive nasal gel are evaluated like appearance, pH, viscosity, in-vitro drug release study, gelling temperature, mucoadhesive strength. Methods: The wavelength of insulin is detected in 400-700nm by Lowry method and standard calibration curve of insulin is detected by Lowry method and plotted the graph. The formulations are prepared by using different polymers. The 7 formulations are prepared. The prepared gels are evaluated like appearance by visual analysis of its smoothness. pH is evaluated by using digital pH meter. Viscosity is estimated by Brookfield viscometer. Drug content and in-vitro drug release is estimated by using photometric colorimetric method. Result and Discussion: The insulin wavelength in colorimetric range is found out and it is 510nm. By using this wavelength the standard calibration curve graph is plotted and slope and intercept is detected by graph. The slope value is 1.450 and intercept is value is 0.047 detected by graph. pH value of all formulation is ranges from 5.5 to 6.5, Gelation Temperature lies between 65.7to 75.20C, Viscosity estimated and ranges from 8.5-17.8%,  Measurement of Gel strength value is 0.28 to 2.39 sec, percentage of drug in formulations 95-98%, Drug absorption is estimated by In-vitro Analysis by membrane less method  and at 7hrs value ranges 90.5-94% . Conclusion: The formulations are prepared are carried out the different evaluation tests and results are satisfied.

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